INFRAred heat

Exercising in infrared heat can take your workouts to the next level. The added element of heat allows you to increase your calorie burn, improve your flexibility, and experience faster muscle recovery. It is a great addition to a well-balanced fitness regimen.

The key to a well-balanced WOrkout

As athletes, it is easy to fall into a routine with our workouts—we stick to the styles we are most comfortable with. Infrared heat offers a break from the norm that will push you outside of your comfort zone while allowing your mind and body to heal. Here is what one member had to say about workouts in the heat:

Taking classes in the infrared studio is a great way to take your fitness to the next level. Being in the heat requires focus and concentration that allow you to let go of everything else in your life for 60 minutes.

It’s mentally healing as well as physically healing after heavy lift workouts.
—Chace A.

With multiple class styles to choose from, there are plenty of opportunities for you to add infrared heat into your own workout routine.

FOUR WAYS to experience the heat

H2K offers four different infrared heat class styles from the classic “hot yoga” to those that incorporate weights.


FLOW is our yoga class at H2K. Infrared heat yoga, often called “hot yoga,” combines the therapeutic effects of infrared heat with yoga. You’ll experience a sequence of poses that enhance strength, flexibility, and balance, while the heat intensifies the practice. You’ll leave this class feeling both physically and mentally revitalized.


Get ready to experience 60 minutes of HIIT cardio! This is a full body infrared heated class. Think constant movement with minimal rest; expect for your heart rate to hit multiple peaks throughout the class. You will be taken through a full body timed interval workout.


TONE is our low impact Mat Pilates + Strength endurance class. Offered in our infrared heated room, we pair full-body strength with smaller isolated contractions to burn out your large and small muscles. This will allow you to reduce body fat, and create long, lean, defined muscles. (And the bonus is NO CARDIO!)


LIFT & FLOW combines yoga and strength training for a complete mind/body workout. Move through a yoga style warmup, followed by intervals of strength training. Between blocks of strength training, find your flow through powerful vinyasa sequence. The infrared heat brings a whole new level to this style of workout.

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