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Class Times

We know that your life is busy; that is why H2K offers multiple styles of classes all throughout the day. Find the class and time that works best for you!


No matter where you are in your fitness journey, we’ve created classes that will help you discover the best version of yourself. From strength training to pilates, we have a class style for every level of athlete. If you are already a member, you can reserve your spot in the calendar below. For new or potential members, get started with your free three classes by selecting a class below.

Strength Training

Whether you are new to strength training or have been doing it for years, the weight lifting classes will help you build both muscle and endurance.
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The reformer classes are a great total body workout for all fitness levels. It increases balance and builds strength in ways other styles of exercise cannot.
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Infrared Heat

With infrared heat, you will burn more calories than you thought possible. From yoga to infrared lifting classes, there are options for all levels of fitness.
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