Get 3 Free Pilates classes (and more)

At H2K, we believe that pilates is a critical part of a well-balance fitness regimen. It’s focus on core strength and dynamic movements makes it perfect for those looking to get back into shape and is a great addition for seasoned athletes who spend their time with strength training or cardio routine.

The great news is that Pilates is just one of the class formats offered at H2K! You can also use your free classes to try out our unique strength training and infrared heat classes.

You'll get Exclusive access to Frisco's newest fitness Community

H2K Fitness was launched in December of 2023. It is built around the belief that the people you work out with are as important to your success as the workout itself. We are a community of members who push each other every day—a community that makes you look forward to working out together.

Most studios tend to focus on a single style of exercise. Whether it is yoga, pilates, or weightlifting, the individual styles by themselves don’t deliver the same results as when they’re combined.

An H2K Fitness membership will include unlimited access to pilates, infrared heat, and strength training classes to help you achieve a truly holistic fitness routine that produces the results you’re looking for.

Try Our Most Popular Class Style for Free

We love all of the various classes offered at H2K but the reality is that pilates is a favorite of our members. The world-class instructors, great music, and dynamic movements make for a fun workout. Here is what one member said:

“I had never tried pilates until I started at H2K and now I am hooked! The instructors at H2K Fitness are so knowledgeable and motivating and the classes are well-paced and challenging. I’ve never liked working out, but for the first time in my life, I actually look forward to my 6am workouts.”
—Courtney G.

No matter what your starting point is, pilates offers significant benefits to individuals at all levels of fitness from those just starting out to competitive athletes.

Two Unique CLasses

H2K offers two distinct styles of pilates: Mat Pilates and Pilates Reformer. Each can provide you with distinct benefits.


REFORM is our pilates reformer class. You will be taken through a heart pumping, musically driven, full-body workout on “The Bed.” These 50-minute sweat sessions will have every muscle burning and shaking by the time we are done! It pairs well with our LIFT class by targeting your small muscles that support your larger muscles.


TONE is our low impact Mat Pilates + Strength endurance class. Offered in our infrared heated room, we pair full-body strength with smaller isolated contractions to burn out your large and small muscles. This will allow you to reduce body fat, and create long, lean, defined muscles. (And the bonus is NO CARDIO!)

Are You Ready to Get Started?

You can sign up today to get your first three classes for FREE. You’ll be able to try all of the different class styles and will experience the H2K community for yourself.

Once you’ve started your trial, you’ll be able to select the classes and class times that best work for you. If you are unsure of where to start, we can help you with that too. Simply sign up for your three free classes and we’ll reach out to help you through the next steps.

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