You should look forward to your workouts

From the style of classes to the people who workout beside you, a good gym should make you look forward to the next day’s workout. You should be able to get fit and have fun doing so.That is why we created H2K Fitness!At H2K, you’ll get unlimited access to pilates, infrared heat, and strength training classes to help you achieve a truly holistic fitness routine that produces the results you’re looking for and, the best part is that you can try it all for free.

You'll get Exclusive access to Frisco's newest fitness Community

H2K Fitness was launched in December of 2023. It is built around the belief that the people you work out with are as important to your success as the workout itself. We are a community of members who push each other every day—a community that makes you look forward to working out together.

For a limited time, we’re offering three free classes to individuals in the Frisco community who are looking for a new way to improve themselves both mentally and physically. You get a chance to experience the unique classes and the encouraging community.

Get the transformation you deserve

Whether are you are looking to lose some weight, build more muscle, or just feel better about yourself, H2K is the perfect place for you. The three unique styles of training offered at H2K create the type of mental and physical transformation that will help you look and feel better.

The best part is that you’ll actually look forward to working out.  Here is what one member had to say about the community of members at H2K:

If you’re looking for a fitness family that will make you laugh while sweating then H2K is your place. We are a small community that pushes one another to be our best selves.”

—Valerie G.

If you are ready to get started on your own transformation and join a community that will push you to become the best version of yourself, then pick your first class below.

THREE DISTINCT styles of workout

H2K is the only fitness studio in Frisco that offers pilates, infrared heat, and strength training under the same roof. You’ll get a truly holistic approach to fitness.


Strength training is a critical part of any fitness regimen. When incorporated into your weekly schedule, it helps to build lean muscle, boost your overall strength, and increases your metabolism to burn more fat.


Pilates is a critical part of a well-balance fitness regimen. It’s focus on core strength and dynamic movements makes it perfect for those looking to get back into shape and is a great addition for seasoned athletes who spend their time with strength training or cardio routine.

Infrared Heat

Exercising in infrared heat can take your workouts to the next level. The added element of heat allows you to increase your calorie burn, improve your flexibility, and experience faster muscle recovery. It is a great addition to a well-balanced fitness regimen.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

You can sign up today to get your first three classes for FREE. You’ll be able to try all of the different class styles and will experience the H2K community for yourself.

Once you’ve started your trial, you’ll be able to select the classes and class times that best work for you. If you are unsure of where to start, we can help you with that too. Simply sign up for your three free classes and we’ll reach out to help you through the next steps.

H2K Fitness
6690 Main Street, Suite C, Frisco, TX 75033